A Staff Favorite: Totally Hot!

14 Jun

Reference & Computer Services Coordinator Emilie Smart recommends:

Totally Hot! by Michael Goodwin (641.638 G657t )

If you like hot or spicy food, and you like to explore international cooking, this book’s great.  All the recipes incorporate hot peppers but, despite the title, this book isn’t just about the heat — it’s really an international cookbook that explores the cuisine of countries that use peppers on a regular basis. 

Totally Hot! Presents entrees, sauces and side dishes — every recipe you’ll need to create a whole meal. And not all the recipes are hot. You might find that an entrée recipe isn’t spicy but some of the side dishes are.  Or the entrée is the spicy recipe and all the sides are mild and help tone down the entrée. Plus, Totally Hot! gives you a hotness guide for each recipe to let you know if you might want to tone down the heat or kick it up!

Not sure about hot peppers?  Not a problem!  There’s an introductory section on the history of spices and why hot peppers are hot.  There’s also an illustrated pepper chart to help you identify pepper types at the grocery.

All the recipes in Totally Hot! are well written and easy to follow.  If unusual techniques are used in a recipe, there is an explanation of how to do that technique.  There are introductions to the different regional cuisines that explain the hows and whys of the use of peppers in that cuisine — and that discuss regional food traditions.  You get a little cultural education and great food!!  What could be better?

So cool off your summer with some hot dishes from all over the world.  Check out Totally Hot!

PS — Fave Recipes:

Z’hug Sauce (p 39)  good seasoning for lots of things
Saag Aloo  (p 73)  tasty spinach dish from India
Trey Ang  (p 126)  Cambodian grilled fish dish .  Yum.


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